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The Divaros word Rune (or its archaic form, Rhun) means, simply, language This is in part because the 50 Runes known to the world today formed the basis for earlier written languages; all modern tongues are derived from this earlier, divine tongue. Each Rune is not only a symbol, but also a representation of a particular sound, a container to help in the correct pronunciation of the sound itself. Runes, can thus be spoken aloud, or inscribed in stone, steel or flesh. Runes are never used as a spoken or a written language in the present day however. People use the same basic sounds in their languages, but they don't go around speaking Runic.

Runes are much more than mere sounds and scratches in stone. Each one is a complex magical symbol that represents a particular set of words and ideas, thoughts made form, energy locked in matter, waiting for release. A single Rune can represent dozens of things, from abstract ideas to concrete concepts such as numbers, colors, and letters, depending on how it is used in context with other Runes. Thus, while it is true that anyone capable of language can technically use Runes just by learning the proper pronunciation, true understanding of the Rune and its meaning in relation to specific situations is necessary to gain mastery of the art. Even the simplest peasant can manage to chant a blessing over his family at dinner, but handling more complex magic is best left to the masters.

The Runes go much, much deeper than mere language. They form the foundation for culture, society and, indeed, most of existence. Rhun is not only a word for language. It is also the name of the land, of the continent, and of the entire planet. Rhun surrounds and supports and makes everything possible. Runes are a means to unlock the secrets of the Universe, stolen and secreted beneath the earth, later uncovered and unlocked by the Mydnwar and their allies in ages past. These Runes were sound turned into matter, the literal act of creation inscribed into stones, later transferred onto the first Rune Stryders. Runes are the literal words of the gods, the syllables that created the Universe and will one day destroy it.

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