Rune Stryders The ORIGINAL Fantasy Mecha Roleplaying Game

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An Introduction to Rune Stryders

Rune Stryders is a medieval fantasy role-playing game. Medieval in the sense of being in-between two ages - a recent mythological past, and an uncertain future. Fantastic in the sense that it contains strange elements that make it different from our own "real" world. Rune Stryders is not a traditionally medieval setting however. To be certain, you will find swords and armor, castles and catapults - these are the tools of war, and the nations of the Rune Stryders setting are in constant conflict with one another. But the peoples and places developed in a vastly different situation than our own real world, the world upon which medieval fantasy settings are typically based.

All of the action in Rune Stryders takes place in Rhun (pronounced "Roon"), a world filled with warring city-states, political intrigue, back-alley dealings and bold maneuverings on the field of battle. The name "Rhun" means many things to many people. It can describe the continent, the planet, and the universe within which the inhabitants reside.

The most conspicous feature of Rhun is the presence of the Rune Stryders themselves. These huge war machines are created by expert craftsmen, brought to life through powerful Runic magic, and manned by expert warriors trained to pilot them from within. Stryders come in many shapes and sizes, some forged from steel, others carved from stone, still others grown from living plants. All are powerful in their own right, highly prized and jealously guarded by their pilots, crews and patrons.

Without the addition of Runes, the powerful arcane symbols that make all magic possible, Stryders are merely immobile suits of armor. Since Runes are based on language, every living being capable of speech or writing has some ability to manipulate Runes to their advantage. But only the most powerful Runic Masters can summon up forces greater than simple charms and curses, conjuring storms, hurling meteors, and, of course, bringing the powerful Stryders to life.

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